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Maybe it’s a lack of time in our busy world, or perhaps it’s genetics, but for some of us, no matter how we exercise or eat healthily, those stubborn fats never melt away like they should!

Liposuction surgery can effectively help to remove excess fat and correct the body curve into the golden ratio!

It is a suitable procedure for those who:

Want a slimmer body in a shorter time

Have irregular facial and body contours due to excess fat

Have difficulty losing weight despite regular exercise and a restricted diet

Carry fat in areas that are hard to spot-target, such as the face, abdomen or thighs

Body Surgery

Volumising Through Fat Grafting

While many may choose fillers to retain a smoother, more youthful appearance and replace areas with volume lost. However, for a more natural and lasting effect, fat grafting is also one of the preferred approaches.

Fat grafting involves fat liposuctioned from your inner thighs and abdomen, which is then transferred to the targeted area(s) of your body. This enhanced fat transfer and growth factor rejuvenation program may last for several years, in comparison to non-permanent fillers. It is also a more natural approach to replacing lost volume in areas like the cheeks or the bust.

Areas that are suited to fat grafting include the:


Area around the eyes

Cheek region

Nasolabial and marionette region


Breasts (breast enlargement)

Buttocks (Brazilian butt lift)

For everyone’s safety, we ask to cancel your appointment and stay home if:

1. Any you or your family member are not feeling well
2. Has recent travel for the past 14 days

If you show any signs of unwell during our screening before entering the clinic, we will not be able to see you too.

We will be happy to welcome you again once you have fully recovered. Our number one priority is the health and safety of our staffs and patients.


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