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Thread Lifting

Ageing gracefully is a term most of us would like applied to ourselves. Sometimes we might feel like we need a little help, but the thought of surgery might be a little overwhelming to begin with.

With thread lifting, the commitment and healing time required is lessened, especially when compared to a face lift, making it an ideal solution for both men and women who wish to tackle ageing, sagging skin with a minimum of fuss and time. Hence thread lift is increasingly becoming one of the most preferred anti-aging cosmetic treatments.

In this treatment, an incision using small needles to insert medical threads passing through the targeted areas of the face. The surgeon will pull tight to create a lifting and tightening effect on underlying muscles. These threads work secondarily by stimulating fibro blasts to produce more natural collagen, which creates a “volumizing” and rejuvenating effect. Facial wrinkles will be improved and sagging skin will be lifted, resulting in more youthful-looking skin and more defined facial features.

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Types of Thread Lifting

Thread lifting is suitable for you if:

You’re afraid of surgery like face lifting

You want a quick-lift effect

You want to improve the appearance of your wrinkles

The elasticity of your skin is not what it used to be

PRP Therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Dream Anti-Aging PRP Therapy

PRP is made of autologous plasma separated from the blood, which contains various growth factors. It is then injected into multiple parts of the skin to induce skin regeneration, particularly where volume is needed. This procedure is sometimes also known as a baby-face procedure or “vampire facial”.

In this treatment, a blood sample of 10 – 40 mls is taken from the patient. For safety reasons, using your own blood ensures a lowered risk of infection, allergies and various other side effects. The blood will be place in a medical device to undergo centrifuging. The doctor will use the separated layer of blood that contains a high concentration of platelets and inject into targeted area of the skin. As a result, skin appears more vibrant and youthful by restoring its elasticity.

Dream Anti-Aging

It’s suited for those who:

Want more volume to their temples, cheeks, lower eyes and nasolabial folds

Have increased fine wrinkles and advanced ageing due to decreased skin elasticity

Wish to revitalise dull skin

Brow lifting (Forehead Lift)

Another facial ageing may occur when you found wrinkles along the forehead, between the brows and droopy brows. We may look constantly tired, worried or even angry especially when we have heavy furrowed brow..

Brow lifting procedure is ideal to address these issues as well as making the eyes appear larger by raising the eyebrows. As per the name, the procedure lifts the eyebrows, improving the wrinkles appearance of the forehead and the area around the eyes by raising the soft tissue and skin of both forehead and brow. It is also known as a forehead lift or a forehead rejuvenation.

People who opt for brow-lifts sometimes also choose to add in other procedures such as eyelid surgery or facelifts to optimise and enhance the overall effect.

Dream Anti-Aging
1 ~ 2cm incision at 3 to 5 places beyond hairline
Dream Anti-Aging
Detachment of subcutaneous layer and subperiosteal layer with an endoscope into the incision
Dream Anti-Aging
Sagging part of the forehead is tugged upwand to be fixed to the bone.
Dream Anti-Aging
It can improve saggjng in the comer of eyes and eyebrow as well as forehead wrinkles.

Brow lifts are especially suitable for those of us who:

Wish to brighten up a constantly worried and frustrated look

Have too narrow spacing between eyebrow and eye, or chubby eyes

Have asymmetrical brows, or low and sagging brows.

For everyone’s safety, we ask to cancel your appointment and stay home if:

1. Any you or your family member are not feeling well
2. Has recent travel for the past 14 days

If you show any signs of unwell during our screening before entering the clinic, we will not be able to see you too.

We will be happy to welcome you again once you have fully recovered. Our number one priority is the health and safety of our staffs and patients.


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