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KKUM Wellness & Regenerative IV Drips

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KKUM Wellness & Regenerative IV Drips

The KKUM Wellness & Regenerative IV Drips aims to improve your wellness and regenerative ability by delivering essential vitamins or supplements directly into the blood stream. This therapy allows your body to receive a high dose of vital nutrients without experiencing any gastrointestinal discomfort that is commonly associated with the intake of oral supplements.

The IV delivery technique allows a higher concentration of vitamins to be absorbed and processed by the body versus the conventional oral intake of supplements. As a result, it helps to power up the body’s regenerative mechanism and you get to enjoy amplified health benefits within a shorter time.

Each session includes 3 different types of vitamins or supplements and is formulated for various concerns. For optimal results, treatments should be done once weekly for the first 4 weeks and once monthly for maintenance thereafter.

Total Skin Rejuvenation Drip

A dose of Active Growth Factors signals your cells to kickstart your regeneration cycle that encompasses cellular repair, renewal, synthesis and protection. This wholistic rejuvenation therapy is the secret to stay youthful and healthy.

Skin brightening

Collagen regeneration

Improve skin elasticity

Improve the body’s natural healing ability

Anti-aging benefits

Cinderella Drip

A Hollywood favorite, this beauty solution contains a mix of vitamins and glutathione that is meant for skin whitening as well as acceleration of cell repair and regeneration to keep your skin, hair and nails in pristine condition.



Potent antioxidant

Anti-aging benefits

Spot Lightening Drip

Formulated to deactivate melasma cells and keep them in hibernation mode, a mix of Tranexamic Acid and vitamins prevents spots from darkening, inhibits melanin activity and lightens them over time.

Lighten pigments and melasma


Immunity Booster Drip

The immunity booster includes a powerful dose of Vitamin C combined with specially formulated nutrients to strengthen your immune system, protecting yourself from flu bugs or common viruses.

Improves immune system

Cold and flu prevention

Energy Booster Drip

Packed with Vitamin B Complex, this drip therapy helps your body release energy from carbohydrates as well as improve metabolism to give that energy boost you need.

Relieve lethargy

Improve endurance

Improve metabolism and helps with weight control


Antioxidant Drip

Known as a universal antioxidant, the Thioctic Acid is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. It also protects the body against damaging free radicals and is vital for supporting your body’s functions, keeping your health in optimal condition.

Powerful anti-inflammatory

Potent antioxidant

Stimulates production of Vitamin C and E

Prevents onset of pre-mature aging

KKUM Wellness & Regenerative IV Drips

Metabolic Booster Drip

This metabolic booster enhances your body’s ability to break down fat and sugar in your food into energy for use instead of storing as fat. It compliments exercise regimens and athletic activities and can help increase the calories burnt while working out.

Increases metabolism of fat and sugar

Prevents fat build up

Helps with weight control

Each and every treatment is tested by our team to ensure their efficacy. Only treatments that have proven their efficacy make it to our repertoire of skin solutions. We use medical grade products and machines to ensure our treatments are effective and safe for all

KKUM Wellness & Regenerative IV Drips

For everyone’s safety, we ask to cancel your appointment and stay home if:

1. Any you or your family member are not feeling well
2. Has recent travel for the past 14 days

If you show any signs of unwell during our screening before entering the clinic, we will not be able to see you too.

We will be happy to welcome you again once you have fully recovered. Our number one priority is the health and safety of our staffs and patients.


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