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Removal of Lesions and Growths (Lumps and Bumps/Haemangioma)

Unusual growths, bumps or marks on the skin can sometimes be a source of worry for one’s health. While they some may be malignant, but mostly benign.

To put our minds to rest, removing such lumps and blemishes is usually the optimal first step. This way, the growth will be further investigated in the laboratory under a microscope, and you will also be freed from worrying about symptoms and what-ifs.

There are several methods to removing these lumps, bumps and lesions, both cancerous and non-cancerous, and each case is determined by the surgeon, depending on the size and position of these lesions.

Scar Revision

Scars can occur due to various reasons, such as injuries, previous surgery, or poor healing from earlier wounds. With scar revision surgery, these scars can be improved or reduced in appearance, and restored to its function.

There are different methods of surgery, depending on the location of the scar, as well as the type of scar that is left. It is recommended that patients undergo a detailed consultation with our plastic surgeon to make the best choice regarding treatment. If these scars have been caused due to previous trauma, burns or medical surgery, the scar revisions are accordingly categorised as medical procedures.

  • 1. Skin peeling treatment

    Skin peeling treatment is commonly used on relatively thin scars, spread over a wide area and confined to the upper layers of the skin. As the name indicates, this technique peels away scar tissue and texture on the top layers of the dermis, leaving it to regenerate into a healthy and smoother new skin. While laser treatment is the usual option, acne scars require other machines. We recommend consulting our specialist to determine if skin peeling treatment is the best solution to treat your scar condition.

  • 2. Tissue expansion

    Skin damaged can be caused by servere trauma. It could affect and restrict joint movement due to skin pulling across the scar site. This can be treated by tissue expansion to promote the growth of healthy supplementary skin used for the replacement of damaged skin. An expander is inserted under skin around the scar area. Overtime, the expander is filled with saline solution every 1 to 2 weeks causing the skin around it to stretch and grow. The tissue expander will be removed once the new skin has reached to its ideal size.

  • 3. Skin graft

    Skin grafting is often perform for burn patients whereby skin is removed from one area of the body and transplanted to another to treat the affected area.

Mole Excision

Got a mole that’s not quite the beauty mark you want? If nature has bestowed you with unsightly or awkwardly situated moles, you can rest assured that there are safe and effective procedures to remove them once and for all. Depending on the type of mole, whether it is raised or flat, it can be removed either with laser treatment or surgery. Surgery will involve both excision (cutting) and stitching. To determine the better method for your mole(s), it’s always best to consult with our surgeon.

Cleft Palate Surgery

Dream Plastic surgery goes beyond just aesthetics, working to improve physical anomlies to enable the individual to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Our multidisciplinary team with more than two decades of experience treats Cleft lip and Palate condition using a coordinated care approach. Treatment and rehabilitation is coordinated so just the right help is available at the right time.To schedule an appointment, call 945118 8883  or email us at

Traumatic head and face injuries

Traumatic injuries to the head, face and neck can be caused by accidents- on the road, during sports or work, or during cancerous lesion removals, to name a few. Some patients may be left with scars that affect how they look and restrict normal function. Secondary treatment can involve treating the damage from these accidents via procedures like facial reconstruction surgery.

Our surgeons are highly skilled and qualified in assessing and treating such injuries. We look to the latest techniques and technology to restore a natural appearance and normal function to our patients, from simple scar revision to complex trauma reconstruction.


Burn injuries can vary from light to severe, but whichever the case, we pride ourselves on proper and meticulous care at Dream. We prioritise the alleviation of pain and reduction of scarring on damaged skin, to help with the recovery process and to significantly improve quality of life for survivors of more severe burns. Treatment involves techniques such as burn debridement, skin grafts, and scar revisions.

For everyone’s safety, we ask to cancel your appointment and stay home if:

1. Any you or your family member are not feeling well
2. Has recent travel for the past 14 days

If you show any signs of unwell during our screening before entering the clinic, we will not be able to see you too.

We will be happy to welcome you again once you have fully recovered. Our number one priority is the health and safety of our staffs and patients.


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